Over the next few weeks we will be taking a look back at beauty rituals through the ages, from Ancient China to today to see what rituals have been carried through the ages and which ones have been left behind.


Week 1

Ancient China 1600–1046 BC

Herbs – Women in accident china relied heavily on herbs to keep their skin looking radiant. Bei Qi, Huang Qi, and Goji are three herbs that are used in tradition Chinese Medicine for treating the skin. They are often used topically and have the following benefits- Bei Qi is known for improving skin clarity; Huang Qi is great for awakening tired, aging skin; and Goji helps to fight the signs of ageing.


Jade Rollers- Used by Chinese royals for centuries to rid the body of bad Qi and on your face to smooth, de-puff and even supposedly decrease wrinkles. Using a Jade roller or a flat stone made of Jade on your face was believed to work the in the same way as dry brushing your body as you are improving circulation and helping to detoxify. Jade rollers are enjoying a resurgence in popularity at the moment!


DIY MASKS - Chinese empresses enjoyed a DIY face masks as much as we do today. However their ingredient of choice was a little different, MUNG BEANS. They would ground them to a paste and apply to the entire face. They are thought to be good for healing acne and reducing puffiness in the face. Today you can buy powered Mung bean and mix it with Greek yoghurt to create your very own DIY mask. Turmeric was another ingredient chosen my ancient Chinese woman for their DIY masks and is still a popular facial mask ingredient for many brides in the Middle East. A Turmeric mask was used in ancient china to help reduce wrinkles and even skin tone.


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