Week 1 Recipes


Choose from any of the below, 1 per day, you can mix these around or just have your favorites.  and they can be divided in half for morning and afternoon or saved for after supper.

1. 2 dried Apricots and 4 walnuts

2. 2 squares of dark ( minimum 70% chocolate) and 10 almonds

3. 1 oat cake spread with 2 teaspoon peanut butter

4. 2 dried figs and 4 walnuts

5.1 natural yogurt and 1 teaspoon honey and 10 raisins

6.1 oatcake 2 teaspoons humus and carrot sticks ( 1 medium carrot)

7 .1 museli bar (there are many types on the market go for oat based one of aroudn100 K cals per bar)


Everyday  Green tea or herbal tea  and plenty of water during the day. 1 cup of coffee if you really need it. Avoid milk and sugar.


You  can make a simple dressing in advance , quantities are 2/3  olive oil  to 1/3 balsamic  or white wine vinegar and salt and pepper to taste. Keep in covered jar or bottle.


If you don’t want to use stock cubes you can make your own vegetable stock for use in some of the recipes.Ideally use organic vegetable where you can.

To make 1 litre vegetable stock:

2 sticks of celery, 4 medium carrots, 2 large onion, 1 sprig, thyme, small bunch parsley, 3 bay leaves. You can use 6  tomatoes chopped if you like. 2 litre water.

Gently heat 1 desert spoon of olive oil and add all of the chopped vegetable, ( except the tomatoes)  either crease up a piece of baking parchment and dampen and put over the vegetable to keep the moisture and flavours  in or a piece of tin foil will do, keep the heat low and stir frequently until the vegetables are soft, add the herbs and water, and tomatoes and gently simmer for 30 minutes , strain .Return to the pan and on a high heat reduce to half. Cool and freeze in ice cube tray. To use: 6 cubes equal 1 stock cube and reduce the amount of liquid.



Breakfast :  1 slice wholemeal toast

2 medium tomatoes cooked in 2 teaspoon olive oil

Lunch : Chick pea salad

½ tin chick peas drained, 2 tea spoons olive oil, squeeze of lemon, 2 chopped spring onions, 1 baby gem lettuce ( or similar green salad leaves) , 4 chopped olives( black or green) , 1 chopped medium Tomato.


Smoked mackerel fish cakes , serve with watercress salad. For pudding  1 orange.

The recipe below is enough for 2 days.

100 gms of smoked mackerel, flaked, half finely chopped small onion, 2 tea spoon s horse radish sauce, ( this can be omitted) ,1 desert spoon chopped parsley., 1 beaten medium free range egg , 100 gms mashed potato , combine all of the ingredients, don’t initially add all of the  eg as the mixture should be firm enough tostick togter ) form  into 2 burger shapes and fry in 2 teaspoons of olive oil until brown on both sides. (at this stage freeze one when cool if desired), cook in  a medium oven for 15 mins.

Serve with raw  baby spinach leaves  and ½ avocado, 2 teasppons almonds flakes  with squeeze of lemon and 2 teaspoons olive oil.




Breakfast: 70 gms Porridge made according to instructions but if using milk use skimmed milk. 2 tea spoons honey, skimmed milk, 2 teas spoons sprinkle of flax seeds or 50 gms of an oat based granola cereal with skimmed milk.

Lunch: Butternut squash and leek and lentil soup, the recipe below is enough for 2 freeze half or will keep in fridge for several days. 

Half a small butternut squash, sliced and cooked in a medium oven on a lightly oiled tray for 20-25 min,  when cooked remove seeds, skin can be eaten. Slice 2 medium leeks, 1 medium onion sliced, 50 gms of gms of red lentils , sprig of thyme.

Gently fry the leeks and onion in3 teaspoon of olive oil over low heat until nearly  cooked , turn up the heat and brown, add the cubed squash and lentils  and 1 vegetable stock cube. And ½ litre of water and thyme.

Supper: Grilled Wild Alaskan salmon , cucumber, dill, garlic  yogurt dressing  and broccoli .

100 gms Salmon Fillet, 50 gms natural yogurt, ½ teaspoon chopped dill , half clove squashed garlic, squezze of lemon. Pan fry with 1 tea spoon of olive oil the salmon for 3 mins on each side or oven bake for 12-15 minutes in medium/hot oven. Combine the yogurt dill and garlic and lemon, season to taste.  steam or boil approx. 75 gms of broccoli.





Breakfast:  2 egg  spinach  and goats cheese omelette.

Whisk eggs  with  1 dessert t spoon water and season,  using a non-stick pan  heat 1 tea spoon olive oil, wilt approx. 75- 100 gms spinach, remove and drain well, add another tea spoon of olive  oil and cook eggs when nearly cooked crumble 30 gms goats cheese  and spinach across the middle and fold onto plate.

Lunch:  Tuna salad, either 100 gms of fresh cooked or tinned line caught tuna flaked .

2 medium chopped tomatoes, cooked 50 gms cooked  green beans , ½ small chopped red onion, chopped cucumber. And salad leaves  1 teaspoon olive oil mixed with 1 tea spoon vinegar to dress.

Supper: Bean Stew

You   can make double the amount below  and freeze half or keep in fridge for several days.

½ tin cannellini beans, 1 medium onion, 1 carrot, chopped 1 clove squashed garlic,  ½ chopped  aubergine, 1/2 tin chopped tomatoes, ½ cup water, ½ veg stock cube.   2 teaspoons olive oil.  Heat the olive oil, brown the onions and aubergine, then stir in the garlic, do not brown, then add all of the other ingredients except the beans and gently simmer  for 20 mins. Add the bean 5 mins before the end of the cooking time.




Breakfast: 150gms Organic Greek yogurt, 2 chopped dried apricots, 5 chopped almonds or hazel nuts,  2 teaspoons honey, 1 chopped apple , 2 dessert spoons raw oatmeal( raw porridge) Can be made the night before .

Lunch : Asian Prawn and avocado salad

50 gms  cooked prawns

½ sliced Avocado

1deresrt spoon sweet chilli sauce mixed with 1tea spoon olive oil and 1 tea spoon lime juice. 1 carrot, peeled and ribboned

 1/8  cucumber, peeled and cut into match stick pieces.

 2  spring onion, finely sliced

2 tespoons  cashews, or peanuts chopped and toasted

small bunch  fresh coriander leaves

Supper: Mediterranean Fish Stew with ciabatta and aioli

100 gms line caught Haddock, cut into cubes,   5  raw prawns, ½ fennel bulb, ½ medium onion, 100 gms spinach, 4 cherry tomatoes , ¼ red chilli ( or to taste)  1 clove squashed garlic.  2 teaspoons olive oil1/2 vegeatbel stock cube.   I slice ciabatta bread dried in oven or toasted

Aioli: 1 desert spoon mayonnaise, tip of knife of squashed garlic,1/4 tea spoon Tomato puree. Mix ingredients together .

Finely slice the onions and fennel and gently cook in the olive oil, add the garlic and finley sliced chilli stir for just a minute do not brown, add the stock and gently simmer for 15 minutes,add the fish, prawns, chopped raw spinach and tomatoes and gently simmer for 3-4 minutes until the fish and prawns are just cooked. Serve in a bowl , spread the aioli onto the bread and break into pieces and put the bread in the stew.




Breakfast:  2 medium  boiled  free range egg 1 slice wholemeal or Rye toast  

Lunch: 1  Whole meal Pitta bread , with 2 heaped desert spoon hummus, 1 chopped medium tomato, 2 chopped spring onions, , 1 tea spoon chopped basil, salt and pepper.  marinate for 5 mins with  2 teas spoons of dressing. Cut the pitta in half and fill each side  with half the mixture and a handful of salad leaves. 




Supper:  Baked Aubergine with feta, Puy  lentils and tomatoes.


1 Aubergine sliced longways ,30 gms feta , ½ tin chopped tomatoes, 50 gms puy lentils, 1 small onion, 1 clove garlic, 5 black olives.  ½ teaspoon oregano, or thyme . 1 and ½  desert spoons olive oil.


Cook the lentil with ½ stock cube according to instructions.


Brush the aubergine with the olive oil and lightly brown  in a non-stick pan, remove from pan,  add the remaining olive oil and brown the onions. Put the aubergine in an oven dish , cover with the lentils, then the onions and tinned tomatoes, top with sliced feta and black olives , bake in a medium oven for 25-30 mins. Serve with green salad and 2 teaspoon dressing.


Breakfast: Half a mashed   avocado  and 1 sliced medium tomato on rye or wholemeal  toast with a sprinkle of flax seeds.

Lunch:  Feta salad with coriander, ginger and chilli.

( you can make double this amount and it will stay fresh in the fridge if covered  for several days) 50 gms cubed feta, approx.  1/8 medium chopped cucumber, 1  chopped medium  apple, 2 teaspoon toasted pine nuts, desert spoon chopped coriander, ½ tea spoon finely chopped fresh ginger,1/4 of a fresh chopped small chilli or chilli flakes to taste, 2 teasppoons dressing .Combine all of the ingredient s. Serve with  2 small /medium oat meal biscuits.


Supper: Baked  Halloumi,  grilled courgettes, onion and herb tomatoes and brown rice .

80 gms halloumi ( make sure it is made with goat and/or goat and sheep’s milk) 60 gms brown rice. 2 small courgettes, 2 medium tomatoes 1 medium red onion, 1 clove garlic, chopped mixed herbs.

Cook the brown rice with ½ vegetable stock cube according to instructions.

Heat grill pan or hot oven,  half courgettes long ways, cut tomatoes in half , thickly slice onion rings brush pan and vegetables  with olive oil , sprinkle over chopped herbs and smear garlic on the tomatoes. Cook for 15 -20 minutes until the halloumi is golden . Serve with the brown rice.




Breakfast:  50 gms of wild smoked salmon and 1 egg scrabbled or hard boiled,  wedge of lemon to squeeze and 1 slice wholemeal or rye toast.


Lunch:  Cottage cheese, , Apple, raisin and Walnut salad.

100 gms full fat cottage cheese , 1 medium apple chopped ,  , 25 gms raisins, 4 chopped walnuts, or 10 hazel nuts , mixed salad leaves 2 teaspoons dressing.  1 oat cake

Supper: Grilled Chicken breast, lime butter and caramelised vine cherry tomatoes and broccoli.

I medium free range chicken breast remove skin.  Grill or oven baked until cooked with 2 tea spoons olive oil. Drizzled over.     12  minutes before the chicken is cooked  add a bunch of cherry tomatoes on the vine and drizzle with balsamic vinegar. 

Meanwhile Combine 2 tea spoons of soft  butter with zest of 1/3 lime, small squeeze of juice, ½ clove of garlic 2 tea spoon chopped coriander.  When the chicken is cooked top with the lime butter and serve with the steamed broccoli and tomatoes.  


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