Every January we all take a look at what we would like to change about ourselves. This normally involves signing up for the gym, cutting down on starchy carbs, maybe even giving up alcohol for a month. We do these things to make us feel healthier.

But, did you know that chemicals absorbed by the skin are then in turn processed by our livers? The skin is our largest organ yet, mostly is forgotten when it comes to our New Years Resolutions.

This year take advantage of our SALE and make some Beauty Resolutions that will not only benefit your skin but your entire body.

Here are our suggestions for fabulous Beauty Resolutions for 2013...

1. Always remember to remove your make up


Many of us are guilty of not removing our make up before we go to bed. This means that we do not give our skin a chance to breathe , which can leave your skin stressed and unhappy.

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2. Be aware of your beauty product ingredients

Many Shampoos contain: Sodium Laurel Sulphates (SLS), Ammonium, TEAs, SDS the list goes on and on. These ingredients are known for their potentially harmful effects on our hair.

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3. Give you skin safe long term hydration

Many lotions proclaim to give you 'all day hydration' but at what cost?

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4. Be aware of what you are breathing in

It's easy to forget about the contents of products such as candles and fragrance diffusers. However, most candles that we buy are made from paraffin emitting toxins into our rooms as they burn.

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