The power of scents


Ever wondered about the point of an organic reed diffuser, the purpose of an organic scented candle or the reasons to invest in an Organic Room Spray beyond just the nice smell?  Find out why investing in our Willow Home Fragrances can actually be good for your health!

Have you ever smelled a scent which immediately transported you back to your childhood? The power of smell has an amazing effect on our brains which in turn affects our emotions, physiological state and behaviour.


It is believed that in order for a scent to elicit a response, you first need to associate it with an event, whether that be the play dough which takes you back to your infant school days or the anxiety-inducing aniseed smell of dentists’ mouthwash, we all have certain triggers which can instantly reignite thoughts and emotions.


Scents can also affect the way we behave. When people are exposed to a favourable aroma their creative problem-solving improves compared with an smell they dislike.  Social behaviour is also affected, for example when people are exposed to the smell of baking cookies or fresh coffee they may be more likely to help a stranger than those who didn’t experience the pleasant smell.  Workers who experience a nice smelling air freshener are reported to be more effective, set higher goals and are more likely to work more efficiently than those who worked in a non- odour condition.   In contrast, those who experience a less pleasant smell can have lower frustration tolerance and their subjective judgement reduced.


Businesses have also used this insight for their advantage.  In an experiment in a Las Vegas casino, there was an increase of over 45% in the amount of money gambled in a slot machine when the site was infused with a pleasant aroma. Also, a well known UK travel agency has been known to infuse the air with the scent of coconut to encourage customers to book their exotic holidays.


With such effective responses there is no doubt we should embrace the positive opportunities to improve our lives with the power of scent.


Whilst still in its infancy, aromatherapy scientists have discovered that the introduction of natural scents can reduce anxiety and distress in at least some scenarios.  Commonly cited natural scents that induce relaxation include lavender, jasmine and sandalwood.  For many years, doctors and scientists have agreed that relaxation plays important role in combating certain health issues such as high blood pressure, stress and some heart conditions. 


And the good news is it’s easy to make the ‘therapy of the aroma’ a part of your life, why not simply choose an organic room spray, organic reed diffuser or an organic scented candle, and feel your mood lifted and your mind relaxed?





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