Willow Celebrates International Organic Month


September is a great month to discover or re-discover the amazing benefits an organic lifestyle can provide you, your family and the planet.

Why Organic?

People choose to live an organic lifestyle for many different reasons. For some people it is a health choice, others to improve the environment and for some it’s just because it’s trendy. Living organically is much more than just the food you eat, it is a complete lifestyle choice.

By choosing to live an organic lifestyle, you will be making a choice that will benefit not only you but the world you live in as well. Organic is……

- better for animals

- better for the ocean

- better for the planet

- better for you!


From farm to table

Organic farms using natural, highly controlled farm management system to provide foods that are free from chemicals and have been produced with the respect of the environment & animals in mind.

Organic foods are higher in nutritional goodness, sustainable and full of taste. Certified organic foods can be traced from the farm straight to your fork, enabling us to really know what we are eating!

- Organic fruit & veg contains a lower concentration of pesticides

- Boost the immune system

- Organically products crops are packed with 68% more anti-oxidants than non-organic 

- Prevents premature ageing

- Organic meat and milk has about 50% more omega-3 fatty acids than non-organic 

- Helps to reduce the risk of heart disease


Protect your precious skin

It’s not only what we put in our bodies that is important, what we put on it is very crucial too. Our skin is our body’s main defence against the external environment, so we need to treat it with the utmost care. Synthetic chemicals in skincare such as parabens and sodium lauryl sulphates have been linked to cancer and other illnesses.

When in comes to beauty products - some products could contain as little as 1% of organic ingredients and still claim to be organic. Look out for the Soil Association or COSMOS logo on your products to ensure you are buying a genuine certified organic product.

- No nasty chemicals

- No parabens

- Sustainable

- Ethical

- Great for skin complaints

- Packed full of nutrients


Have a great September x