The importance of a good night’s sleep


The average person spends nearly one third of their lives asleep. Sleeping is essential to a healthy body and a healthy mind. During sleep our bodies perform essential tasks such as repairing muscle, consolidating memory, and releasing hormones regulating growth and appetite. Lack of sleep can cause mood swings, depression, and weight gain.


We asked you what your top tips were for getting to sleep. Here were our favourite 5:


Eileen Bowdin: Go to bed an hour before usual (it gives you plenty of time to read "that last page") to avoid jumping into a cold bed that wakes you up!
Scribble a quick to do list so you can forget your stresses for the night. 
Relax and read, you will know when to put the book down and get off to sleep more easily.


Jan Thompson: The key to a good nights sleep is lovely great smelling bedding and banning the smartphone from the bedside cabinet ! X


Rachel Towers: Stay off tablets or laptops a couple of hours before bedtime, spray lavender pillow mist on bed linen & make sure that your bedroom isn't too hot otherwise you'll wake in the night.


Jane Fairless: I lie in bed and do a littte meditation


Julie Beddow: A nice relaxing bath, a cup of hot chocolate, my daughter asleep, my tomorrow list done and a relaxing pillow spray on my nice clean bedding. Wonderful.


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