Discover Argan Oil for your Organic Skin Care regime

Argan oil comes from the edible part of the nut inside the shell of the Argan fruit.  Grown from the Argan tree in the harsh, drought conditions of southwestern Morrocco, Argan oil is one of the rarest oils in the world.


The traditional way to collect Argan oil was from the undigested argan pits from the waste of goats which climb the trees to eat their fruit. The pits were then ground and pressed to make the nutty oil used in cooking and cosmetics.  Fortunately, today the Argan oil is mostly harvested directly from the tree.


Argan Oil used in organic skincare is renowned for a number of benefits, most notably restoring tightness to make the skin look younger.  The components of Argan Oil include anti-oxidants and vitamins which help to fight cell-damaging free-radicals.  The saponins found in Argan oil will help moisturise dry and blemished skin, leading to a more youthful and healthy-looking complexion.


Besides being used in organic skin care, Argan oil is very versatile and can be used on the hair to restore shine and on the nails to restore strength.


When used in cooking, Argan oil has been linked to reducing cholesterol, aiding arthritis and rheumatism because of its anti-inflammatory properties and apparently even works as an aphrodisiac.


Add this magic ingredient, Argan face oil serum, to your organic skin care regime and reap the benefits of this Liquid gold.