Become stress-less this Christmas

Stress free Christmas shopping from Willow


Christmas is often a time when we can feel stressed. Here are our top tips to help you through the busy festive period so you can remain as cool as a cucumber…

1. Write a list – we often find it difficult to hold lots of information in our heads, if you write a list it will help you to relax, prioritise your tasks and improve your time management – also it’s a great feeling to tick off items when you have completed them.

2. Remember to breathe – when we feel stressed we can start to feel overwhelmed. By simply taking a few deep breathes it will help you regain composure and feel control of the situation.

3. Delegate – if you have people around you who can help, use them. An effective orchestra is better guided by a conductor!

4. Eat properly – when you are rushing round town doing Christmas shopping make sure that you remember to take regular breaks and eat. Choose carbohydrates for longer lasting energy rather than sweet or fatty snacks which will only provide a short term energy boost, followed by a lull.

5. Be prepared – start early, whether its getting the Christmas cards written, some presents bought or the longer life food stored away, make a start a month or two early and it won’t feel as if you need to do everything all in one go.

6. Get it in to perspective – the festive celebrations are all about family and friends so don’t panic if you forget the cranberry sauce on Christmas day.

7. Finally, remember to treat yourself, whether it’s a long hot soak in the bath (with some luxurious Willow bath oil of course!) or a glass of wine with your favourite book, make time for you.