Our Principles


Willow says no to animal testing

Principals before Profit.

All of Willow’s products are cruelty free natural or organic. Willow has Soil Association certification for the majority of our products. 

Willow will never test its products on animals, and although, like all companies we would like to increase our customer pool, and our turnover, this will never be at the cost of our reputation and beliefs.


All of Willow’s products are cruelty free and natural, and always will be. We do not use parabens, palm oil or microbeads in any of our products. 


Organic and what it means

Organic, especially certified organic, has a very specific meaning. Unlike ‘natural’ products organic products must be grown and harvested under strict conditions. Organic plants cannot have been exposed to: pesticides, fertilisers, and any other synthetic farming aids.

Organic plants cannot be genetically modified.

Products which are absorbed by the skin are then in turn processed by the liver. Your skin is the body’s largest organ, meaning that it can absorb a great deal of chemicals from body lotions and other products.

All of Willow’s organic products are a minimum of 75% organic. Water cannot be classified as organic, and ‘aqua’ is an ingredient in most skincare products making it difficult to achieve 100% organic content in every product (unless they are balms or oils).




Packaging & Recycling

Willow strives to ensure that all of our products are sustainable and use environmentally friendly materials.

All of Willow's packaging is recylable. The plastics we use are: PETG, ABS, PMMA, PP & PE. All of which can be recycled.

Other materials we use are natural: glass, silk, paper, cardboard.