As a company firmly grounded in the belief that sustainable business practice is the only way to do business - we are constantly weighing up our impact on the planet. It is these set of ethics that makes us a certified organic and natural brand, the makes us choose glass and paper where we can, makes us a living wage employer, and ensures that even when we use plastic that it is recyclable and made from recycled materials.

The truth is, plastic is light-weight, doesn't break easily, and has some fantastic uses. However, it also has some devastating effects in nature.

In the UK, we have some of the best plastic recycling facilities in the world meaning that we can repurpose and reuse plastic - helping prevent waste reaching the oceans.

In other countries, waste management (especially recycling) is not available for most people. Two billion people in coastal regions don’t have access to proper waste management. Rubbish is either openly burned, dumped, or piled onto poorly managed landfills, destined to impact our climate. Waste management systems prevent rubbish and pollution from ever leaking into nature or being burnt under the open sky.

Which is why we have partnered with CleanHub - to prevent plastics entering the oceans and to protect our precious environments.



For every 1kg of plastic packaging we sell as a company in the UK, we fund CleanHub to prevent 1kg of ocean plastics in India. Waste collection can be door-to-door, or directly from beaches or rivers. The plastic waste collection is effectively tracked and monitored using apps so that we can ensure of the positive impact we are having.



CleanHub have many different plastic prevention projects in the world. As Willow is a female led and founded company we have specifically partnered with a female-led social enterprise in India called "Green Worms". Not only does it prevent ocean plastic pollution it also provides sustainable employment for women.