Luxury 3 Soap Box

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100% natural and vegan soaps that gently exfoliate, nourish and moisturise


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Our NEW 100% natural and vegan soaps.

We are excited to launch our new range of hand-milled, Natural Soaps which are simply packaged in paper slips, reducing the amount of packaging we use whilst helping keep you healthy and happy.

100% natural and vegan soaps that gently nourish and moisturise using nature's finest ingredients: Chia Seed & Grapefruit; Oatmeal & Coconut; Poppy Seed & Orange. All gently exfoliating.

Hand milled and hand wrapped and presented in a beautiful gift box.



1 x Chia Seed & Grapefruit, 100g,

1 x Oatmeal & Coconut, 100g,

1 x Poppy Seed & Orange, 100g

Usage & Skin Type


Suitable for all skin types