How Menopause Affects Our Skin

How Menopause Affects Our Skin
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How Menopause Affects Our Skin

Peri, Current, and Post – yes the M word is the topic of the day. Menopause is no longer the taboo subject whispered between women over cups of tea, however it is only just breaking through into mainstream conversations. Seeing as it will affect 99% of women – why do we not know more about it? Think its just periods stopping and hot flashes, then you need to read on.

There are 34 medically recognised symptoms of menopause and they generally start around 50 (although many women can be peri-menopause as early as their 30s) to list a few we’ve got: hot flashes, loss of libido, depression, anxiety, insomnia, a burning mouth (?!), fatigue, loss of collagen leading to thinning skin and hair. All sounds quite exhausting but there are some great hormone therapies to help with most of these.

Firstly, we'd like to encourage women to speak to their GPs if you are suffering with any symptoms. Don't suffer in silence. We all go through this - over 50% of the planet. You are not alone.

And as you can probably guess, we’re skincare specialists so we will be focusing on how we can help with the new challenges faced in terms of skincare.

As we women navigate the transformative phase of menopause, reevaluating our skincare regimen becomes paramount. The hormonal shifts during this time can lead to changes in skin elasticity, moisture levels, and collagen production. Prioritising hydration, incorporating products with anti-aging properties, boosting your skins naturally waning collagen production, and fighting damaging free radicals present in the everyday can help address the unique challenges menopausal skin presents.

With this we are launching NEW products delivering targeted nourishment, skincare support, and confidence for women who are peri, menopausal and post-menopause.

With specialised, active ingredients such as Black Cohosh to moisturise; hyaluronic acid to hydrate; rosehip to heal and prevent rosacea; vitamin c to encourage collagen production; and antioxidants to fight skin-damaging free radicals.

Ageing confidently is a journey we believe everyone should experience.

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3 February 2024